Conflict Management for Postdocs and Junior Faculty

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How do I solve conflicts in my working group or constructively deal with different expectations? On 9 May 2019, the Graduate Center TU Dortmund will offer a workshop on conflict management for postdocs, junior research group leaders and junior professors.

How can junior leaders meet the challenges of today's working world, in which they fulfil various tasks and roles and at the same time are confronted with very different expectations? These and other questions relating to conflict management and leadership skills will be the focus of the full-day interactive seminar on 9 May 2019.

The participants will get to know a mix of the latest findings and preserved traditions of conflict research such as mediation research, management theory, group dynamics and mindfulness and will strengthen their ability for self-management and conflict competence through interactions and exercises in the seminar.

The workshop will take place in room SRG1/3.013. Further information and registration can be found on the website of the Graduate Center TU Dortmund.

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