Block seminar "Propensity Score Matching in R"

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From 11-14 June and on 22 June, Isa Steinmann will host the method seminar "Propensity Score Matching in R" in Dortmund. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the UA Ruhr can register now!

The block seminar in English language covers the following three content areas:

  1. Causal inference from observational data, covering foundations of causal inference and different methodological approaches (regression, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, differences-in-differences, and propensity score matching),
  2. an introduction to the statistic software environment R, encompassing basic commands and handling data as well as descriptive and inferential statistics, and
  3. propensity score matching in R, applying the package “MatchIt”.

Interested doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the UA Ruhr Universities Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen are invited to participate in all three or individual parts of the seminar. Members of the TU Dortmund University please register via LSF, members of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University Duisburg-Essen register bindingly by e-mail to Isa Steinmann.

Please find a detailed description of the workshop contents in this PDF.

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