Postdoc-Workshop: Leadership Skills for Postdocs

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Leadership has undergone changes – in parallel with changes to our work environments. Interpersonal skills become ever more important when leading a team or a project: for motivation, conflict resolution, or work delegation. Enhance your skill set and register now for our online workshop on 14–15 October aimed at postdoctoral researchers of the University Alliance Ruhr.

Depending on the wishes of the group, different aspects of this wide and highly important skill set will be emphasized. Examples for topics that are often requested:
  • Leading a diverse team: age, gender, cultural background … We´re all individuals and so are our teams. Can we find a leadership style that fits them all and is this even desirable?
  • Hire for quality! How to get the best team and not just clones of yourself.
  • Conflict management: Prevent conflicts by your lab set-up: communication and practicalities, Deescalate and resolve conflicts by mediation and through fair negotiations

Please register here until 30 September (limited places)



Bei Fragen und Anregungen wenden Sie sich gerne an Ihre Ansprechpartner*innen in der Research Academy Ruhr.

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