Vision and benefits for early career researchers

Research Academy Ruhr (RAR) is the joint initiative for supporting about 10,000 early career researchers within the University Alliance Ruhr. RAR brings together already existing offers of the universities of Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen, and will develop new concepts and opportunities.

Early career researchers can benefit from Research Academy Ruhr by building and expanding cross-university networks within the largest platform of its kind in Germany. Our early career researchers can

  • participate in all qualification programs of the three UA Ruhr universities
  • get access to research-related trainings provided by faculties and research programs
  • build research related networks within UA Ruhr and beyond (e.g. Global Young Faculty)
  • receive guidance on the various career paths for researchers (e.g. mentoring, counseling)
  • enter into an exchange with experts from science and industry (e.g. Wirtschaftskollegs, Karriereforum)
  • develop personal and professional competencies (e.g. training on leadership skills, writing, presentation, project management)
  • get support for international activities by our joint infrastructures
  • experience joint activities for the special support of the diversity of researchers
  • receive information on funding opportunities

Research Academy Ruhr creates synergies and significantly enhances the attractiveness of the University Alliance Ruhr. It supports the region on its way of becoming one of the biggest science hubs in Germany.


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